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Tom Connors - Sudbury Saturday Night - Guitar Chords
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Tom Connors >> Sudbury Saturday Night

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Date: Sun, 15 Oct 1995 01:21:14 +0000
From: Dennis Hiebert <dhiebert@mars.ark.com>
X-Mailer: Mozilla 2.0b1 (Macintosh; I; PPC)

Sudbury Saturday Night
Stompin' Tom Connors

The [C]girls are out to Bingo and the [F]boys are gettin' stinko,
And we [C]think no more of Inco on a Sudbury Saturday [G7]night.
The [C]glasses they will tinkle when our [F]eyes begin to twinkle,
And we'll [C]think no more of Inco on a [G7]Sudbury Saturday [C]night.

With Irish Jim O'Connel there and [F]Scotty Jack MacDonald,
There's [C]honky Fredrick Hurchell gettin' [G7]tight, but that's alright,
There's [C]happy German Fritzy there with [F]Frenchy getting tipsy,
And [C]even Joe the Gypsy knows it's [G7]Saturday to[C]night.

Now when Mary Ann and Mabel come to [F]join us at the table,
And [C]tell us how the Bingo went to[G7]night, we'll look a fright.
But [C]if they won the money, we'll be [F]lappin' up the honey, boys,
'Cause [C]everything is funny, for it's [G7]Saturday to[C]night.

Chorus, chorus instrumental

We'll drink the loot we borrowed and re[F]cuperate tomorrow,
'Cause [C]everything is wonderful to[G7]night, we had a good fight,
We [C]ate the Dilly Pickle and we for[F]got about the Nickel,
And [C]everybody's tickled, for it's [G7]Saturday to[C]night.

The songs that we'll be singing, they might be [F]wrong but they'll be ring=
[C]When the lights of town are shining [G7]bright, and we're all tight,
We'll [C]get to work on Monday, but to[F]morrow's only Sunday,
And we're [C]out to have a fun day for it's [G7]Saturday to[C]night. Yeah=8A=


We'll [F]think no more of [C]Inco on a [G7]Sudbury Saturday [C]night.

Submitted by: Dennis Hiebert


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