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My Life as a Professional Soccer Punter
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My Life as a Professional Soccer Punter

by Winder Liao

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What is a typical lifestyle of a proffesional soccerpunter?

Well, simple and carefree.I am most busy during the weekends with the standard domestics leagues and during midweek where there are cups fixtures.On days where there are no match i tend to be more relax , spending time playing some sports game or surfing net.basically,out of 7 days in a week i am busy about 4 days leaving me plenty of time to spend with my families or playing some sports game.

Why choose to lead a lifestyle as a proffesional soccerpunter?

I enjoy the thrill of watching soccer since young, as i am awed by what what men can do with their feets and body, not forgeting of course the "easy money" from the bookies.Another thing is the freedom to do what i enjoy doing. However the "easy money" i mentioned earlier is not that easy after all it is only easy when you know the techniques before you could earn it.I have learnt it the hard ways which many people does that is paying school fees to the bookmakers but if you put in some efforts in researching the paypack is huge.

What are the pros and cons as a proffesional soccerpunter?

The above mentioned are the pros then what are the cons then you may ask? the cons is however soccerbetting is another form of gambling which usully involves high risk of losing your bankroll.however,the good thing about soccerbetting is that there are statistic and data for you to do research on as compared to conventional gambling it mostly relies on your luck.The good thing is that you could choose the matches you are confident of before you bet.This highly raise your chances of winning then betting on all the fixtures.One disadvantage as a soccerpunter is that you don't draw a fixed salary,your income is highly depending on the winnings you earn.On some of the months, you could be making a loss.

How do people generally view a proffesional soccerpunter?

People tends to relate a professional soccerpunter as that of a common gambler,who is compulsive and deeply in debts.They also judge your capability by your age which is normal especially for those in thier late 40s to 50s who has so much more experience in gambling than i am.What they have failed to realise is that experience alone is insufficent, if you do not do more reflective thinking on your part,you will bound to fail as soccerbetting is a highly volatile environment, inorder to keep in tip-top condition you got to do lots of researching and honing of your handicapping skills.The key is to keep on learning.I see myself more as a soccer investor than a normal soccerpunter cause when you know how to select and bet, you greatly increases your odds of winning than a normal punter who bets lots of fixtures and hoping the overall would be positive.

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