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Payday Loans Available Even ToThose With Bad Credit by Tim Gorman
Bad credit payday loans may seem like an oxymoron phrase, but the truth is bad credit payday loans are fairly common. You don't need to have good credit or even any credit to quality for bad credit payday loans.

Get a Low Rate on a Secured Online Loan by Paul Heath
For low cost finance all you need is a secured online loan.

Bridging the Gap – through Bridging Loans by James Taylor
The Article explains benefits of Bridging Loans

Cyfer - or the blues alternative (low growl and moody guitar). Visit English site or Romanian version.
Last.fm Wiki:
Cyfer is a talented Romanian artist. He has a very solid musical foundation. With his unique voice and a very groove-oriented playing technique, Cyfer always gets the crowd’s appreciation. His charismatic style is obvious during his boogie-influenced songs. He is blessed with many skills, proving the same facility and rigor in playing guitar, mandolin and harmonica. The repertoire range from Cyfer originals to blues classics, in a very inspired and creative manner. His live performance is consistent in both quality and musical style, while the sense of straightforward blues is perfect for the energetic force he brings to audience. Imagine Cyfer stepping off the stage to the roaring crowd, playing a solo, sometimes with his guitar behind his head. It is simply fascinating! It seems that nothing else matters, just being with friends and playing for fun....

Politics Articles

The British Sikh Army by Andy Staveley
Sikhs have always been known as great warriors. During the two World Wars over 80,000 Sikhs gave their lives for the allied cause.Whilst Birmingham celebrates VE Day we could do well to remember this. Often unforgotten, there are many Sikhs who have been awarded the Victoria Cross.....

The “Manchurian Candidate”: Lee Harvey Oswald? by Jerry Leonard
This article summarizes declassied documents and historical precedents supporting the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald was an unwitting government provocateur whose final act of assassinating the president was foreshadowed to an alarming extent in a declassified CIA memo on "terminal experiments" in mind control. This "Manchurian Candidate" theory solves a decades-old historical puzzle while simultaneously issuing a timely warning to us today by revealing poorly understood yet powerful (and well-proven) mechanisms for personal and social control.

Simple Middle East Peace Plan by Lloyd Paul Kraus
Simple Middle East Peace Plan.

Legal Articles

Wrongful Death Lawyers by Maricon Williams
Wrongful death refers to a lawsuit which alleges that the victim was killed as a consequence of negligence or misdeed of another. Usually, wrongful death occurs as a result of personal injury accidents, medical malpractice, auto accidents, workplace accidents, dangerous or defective products, mesothelioma and other accidents. When the proximate cause of the wrongful death of the decedent roots from reckless, careless or negligent acts of another, his actions are often subject to personal injury and/or wrongful death suits.

The Budget 2005 & Inheritance Tax: Has the Chancellor Done Enough? by Janine Byrne
An examination of the impact of the 2005 Budget with reference to Inheritance Tax and whether enough has been done to help reduce the inheritance tax trap.

Workers Compensation - Know Your Rights by Leon Pena
Workers Compensation is a very complex system, A disputed issue arising under the claim regarding compensability or eligibility for, or the amount of, income or death benefits law firms can stand toe to toe for your rights.

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